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Frequently Asked Questions

Dogs are highly social creatures and require interaction with other humans and dogs on a regular basis to fulfill their behavioral needs. Socialization and species interaction is crucial for proper development and communication in dogs, and is of vital importance for development in puppies. A dog who often has the opportunity to play and interact with other dogs and people typically has more confidence, fewer behavioral problems caused by anxiety and boredom, is less destructive, is non aggressive, and displays proper social interactions with both dogs and people.

We require all dogs in our facility to be 10 weeks of age and have received their second set of vaccinations. As your puppy grows, you should keep up to date with your vet’s vaccine schedule. All dogs over six months of age must be fully vaccinated for distemper, rabies, and parvo vaccines. The bordatella (kennel cough) vaccine is highly recommended, but due to controversial administration methods and effectiveness we leave this choice between you and your veterinarian. Please have your proof of vaccines available on your dog’s first visit. We will periodically ask to update our records.

No. All dogs are 100% supervised 24 hours per day, 7 days per week while in our care. There will always be a staff member watching over your dogs safety and making sure they are enjoying their time with us.

Yes. Your dog will be taken outside on leash for a walk at least every 3-4 hours.

Yes.  We assess temperament to the best of our ability.  Any dogs exhibiting signs of aggression are separated from the group.  From time to time friendly games can escalate into rough horseplay, in which case we temporarily separate the participants until they have calmed down.

Occasionally difficult dogs may be required to participate in some extra behavioral modification, wear a muzzle, or be separated during busier times of the day which they may find over stimulating.  Aggressive or persistently unmanageable dogs will be permanently separated and asked not to return to our facility.

We are fully capable of administering any eye, ear, oral, or topical medication while your dog is in our care. Please be sure to explain administration when we intake your dog, as well as provide clear written instructions attached to the medication.

Our daycamp attendants are highly trained in monitoring behavior, and modifying as necessary.  Based on your dog’s temperament and the severity of the misbehavior, your dog may be verbally reprimanded with a stern “No” or possibly squirted on the rump or shoulder with a squirt of water to deter certain behaviors such as leg-lifting, excessive barking, or overly aggressive play.  Should your dog become over-stimulated, or refuse to settle down when asked, s/he may be separated from the group for a short time-out.  
If you have any questions about your dog’s behavior, or any specific behaviors you would like us to work on, please consult one of our associates.  If there are any incidents or behavioral issues that we are concerned about you will be notified at pickup by our team, and then likely contacted by our head trainer to set up a private meeting.  During this complimentary private meeting with our head trainer, she will discuss with you the behaviors that need attention and come up with a training and management plan so that your dog can continue to safely attend our daycamp.  If the head trainer deems your pooch is not suitable or not enjoying our daycamp program you may be asked not to return.  

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