Halloween Safety

1. Secure Your Dog Away From The Door
If your dog tends to sneak out the front door when you open it, it might be best to crate them or keep them in a bedroom for a few hours for safety — and sanity.

You can set up a safe space for your dog in a comfortable room of the house with some calming music playing. Give your dog fresh water and check on them often. This is a good way to keep them away from the door and let them relax on this stressful night.

Another solution is to sit outside with your bowl of candy for trick-or-treaters so you don’t need to open the door at all. This will also cut back on knocking and doorbells that could make your dog anxious.

2. Keep Candy and Other Treats Away
Chocolate is toxic to canines, as are artificial sweeteners like xylitol, which is a common ingredient in candy. Candy wrappers and packaging can lead to choking or gastrointestinal obstructions, which can be deadly. 

3. Stay Visible And Use A Leash For Walks And Potty Breaks
If you’re taking your dog out door-to-door, make sure you have a good, solid leash and harness. Also, make sure the leash is short, and keep your dog at your side. Scary strangers in costumes can frighten dogs and cause them to bolt, so keep a firm grip.

4. Feed And Walk Your Dog Beforehand
Feeding your dog before the Halloween action begins will help make sure they won’t be looking for food and snacks. A hungry pooch may start looking for treats, and the candy bowl is full of tempting — and dangerous — foods.

Give your dog a long walk earlier in the day, too. This will help cut back on anxiety and help them relax later on. A tired dog is much less likely to look for trouble.

5. Don’t Force Your Dog To Wear A Costume
Some dogs like the extra pampering and attention from getting dressed up while others hate feeling confined in costumes. Pay attention to your dog’s body language, and if they seem uncomfortable, take off the costume.

Never leave a dog unsupervised in a costume. They could try to chew it and pull off pieces that they could choke on, or they could get tangled up in it. Take the costume off whenever your dog is out of eyesight.

6. Your Dog Must Wear ID
Microchips are great and can get your dog back to you if they get lost, and you should absolutely make sure your dog’s chip info is updated. However, the quickest and easiest way for anyone to get your dog back to you is with an old-fashioned collar ID tag.

7. Prepare For Emergencies
Save the phone number and address of your local animal emergency room in your phone for an emergency. Keep it on the fridge, too, so anyone in your home can find it easily.

We hope you all have a happy and healthy Halloween out there!