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Frequently Asked Questions

The Pawsh Hotel is not a typical boarding kennel.  While in our care, your dog will be in doggy daycamp during daytime hours… playing, exercising, and socializing with both dogs and people in a fun and enriching environment.  S/he will go for four or more walks outside on leash every day.

We will monitor their weight, health, and happiness and address any issues immediately.  S/he will be checked over by a groomer daily to make sure he doesn’t have goobers stuck to his eyes, poop stuck to his bum, or any other issues that could affect his or her well being.  

At the end of 15 hours of uninterrupted fun, s/he will be tucked into a large, comfy suite fit for a king (or princess).  If your dog is uncomfortable being kenneled s/he is also welcome to sleep loose on a big comfy bed.  Please let our intake staff know your preference.  

All dogs staying for 3 nights or more will receive a complimentary bath and tidy by our grooming staff so they go home smelling great!

We recommend that you pack your dog’s regular food in a re-sealable package or container with his or her name and feeding directions on it.  Also, if you want to send your dog’s regular bedding or a few toys to remind him/her of home, we will decorate his/her suite at night just the way s/he likes it.  If your dog requires any special medications, dietary supplements, or other special treatments, please also provide written instructions.  If possible, please leave us with a number we can reach you at while you’re away should we need to get in touch with you for any reason.  Please do not send bowls, any toys or bedding that you will upset if it is damaged, or rawhide.  We cannot guarantee that items you send will be returned in one piece.

Should a health issue or injury arise while your dog is in our care we will make every effort to contact you or your emergency contact immediately.  If we are unable to contact you, we will consult with our partner veterinarian and care for your dog as we deem appropriate.  All expenses incurred will be added to your bill.  Should your dog come in with any pre-existing health condition that you have not sought treatment for or were unaware of (ear infection, bladder infection, etc), should we deem that the dog is in discomfort or that his health is at risk, we will seek veterinary care and add all expenses to your bill.  

We are staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.  If you are picking up or dropping off on a statutory holiday, please just advise us so we know when to expect you.

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