Mikayla Funk

Prep School Director

The Pawsh Dog Taylor

Mikayla is a new addition to the team at The Pawsh Dog, as our Prep School Director. She loves spending the day working with dogs, problem solving, and addressing the individual needs of her clients. In her spare time she enjoys exploring the outdoors with her three year old German Shepherd, Hunter.

Mikayla has completed many different training courses including, Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, Do More With Your Dog Trick Seminar, Karen Pryor Academy Clicker Expo and she is currently working towards her certification with The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT).

Her passion for dogs started at a young age, jumping at any opportunity to walk the neighbours dog while constantly begging for one of her own. When she was old enough, she started her own dog sitting service which then landed her with her first job in the pet industry as a daycare attendant before working her way up to manager.

Mikayla loves her job because every dog is unique and different, constantly challenging her everyday to be her best as she continues to expand her knowledge.


• Adolescence in Dogs: From Brain to Behaviour – Naomi D. Harvey
• Fenzi Dog Sports Academy – Complete Pet Dog Presentation Program
• Do More With Your Dog Trick Seminar – Killian Fadun (CDTI) & Melanie Kreker
• Managing Problem Behaviours – Chirag Patel
• Problem Solved – Chirag Patel & Theresa McKeon
• Building Behaviour: Shape The Future – Laura Vanarendonkbaugh
• Live From The Shelter: Essential Skills For Behaviour Change – Lindsay Wood-Brown
• Resource Guarding – Michael Shikashio
• Teach With Kindness & Science – Chirag Patel
• Defensive Handling For Dog Emergencies – Michael Shikashio
• Working With Shy or Skittish Animals – Ken Ramirez