The Pawsh Dog Puppy Passport

Puppy Passport is the ultimate introduction to puppy training, socialization, enrichment and care.

Go Everywhere. See Everything.

Training a well mannered dog goes far beyond simple sit, stay and lay down commands. A well mannered dog is a dog that has a great temperament towards bathing, feeding, and socialization with other dogs and people.

Puppy Passport Includes:

  • Academy Orientation
  • Puppy Kindergarten
  • Puppy Playtime
  • Puppy’s First Groom
  • Puppy’s First Swim
  • Puppy Daycare
  • Puppy Products

Academy Orientation

Leave Puppy At Home, Just Once

Our orientation session will help provide you with a familiarization of basic learning theory – how your dog learns, and how best to work with your dog to encourage a mutually rewarding experience, resulting in a well-adjusted family member and teammate. 

Attendance is mandatory for all new dogs attending our academy. Please leave your dogs at home for the orientation.

Learn Puppy, Learn!

Puppy Kindergarten is a puppy obedience training program designed to introduce puppies and their owners to beginner level obedience exercises as well as developing good life skills and addressing common problem puppy behaviour issues.

Puppy Kindergarten is structured as a set of six modules that can be taken in any order and repeated as often as you wish before your passport expires at six months of age.

Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy Playtime

Play Puppy, Play!

Your Pawsh Puppy Passport also entitles you to unlimited access to our weekly supervised Puppy Playtime until they are six months of age. 

This is a great chance for your puppy to learn to play and communicate with other puppies in a safe environment. And hey, it’s fun for the parents too!

Puppy's First Bath

Just like socialization, getting your puppy used to bathing and grooming at an early age can help them develop a positive temperament towards cleanliness.

Puppy’s first groom is a short and sweet introduction to the salon to promote a safe and stress free cooperative care grooming experience for life.

Puppy's First Groom

Puppy Daycare

Puppy Daycare

Our Puppy Passport also gives you a chance to experience one full day of the The Pawsh Dog Daycamp before six months of age. Daycamp offers a great opportunity for your puppy to experience socialization with other dogs. 

Please note that a group play assessment is required prior to your first day.

Puppy's First Swim

All dogs can swim right? Wrong! Book your puppy’s first 30 minute swimming lesson with one of our experienced hydrotherapists in our state of the art custom pool!

A lesson at the pool is designed to be a fun experience and a great chance to burn off some of that puppy energy!

Puppy's First Swim

Goodies, Goodies, And More Goodies!

Your enrollment will also come with a free sample of Acana Dog Food, a Pawsh Academy Clicker, and access to exclusive deals like 15% off all retail purchases until your puppy is six months of age.

Puppy Passport Program


Go Everywhere. See Everything.

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