The Pawsh Dog Serenity Hotel

Serenity Hotel is a boarding program designed for dogs who require supervised overnight care but are not suited to group play.


Enjoy A Comfortable, Safe, And Private Stay

At Serenity Hotel your dog will have a private suite with a comfortable bed, private TV playing nature films, fresh water and room to move around comfortably. Our attendants will maintain fresh water, fresh bedding and feed and medicate according to your dog's schedule.

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Dogs in Serenity Hotel will be taken outside for a 15 minute walk every four hours during the day as well as have their water refreshed and a snuggle. Serenity Hotel residents may choose complimentary additional services according to the list below and may purchase additional services for a fee.

Additional services allowance allocated on a per night basis and scheduling will depend on check-in and check-out time. All pets staying 3 nights or longer will receive a complimentary grooming service prior to check-out.

Serenity Hotel Rates

$129 Per Night

• Wellness Check
• Report Card
• Fresh Water Service
• Private Suite With TV
• 5 Potty Breaks
• 3 Additional Services (Listed Below)

Save 10% On Stays Over 7 Nights!

Additional Services - $20 Each

• Peanut Butter Kong
• Frozen Peanut Butter Kong
• 20 Minute Outdoor Hike
• 20 Minute Fetch
• 20 Minute Supervised Group Play (If Appropriate)
• 20 Minute Themed Photoshoot With Treats

• 20 Minute Story Time With Cuddles
• 20 Minute Gentle Brushing
• Classic Pawdicure
• 20 Minute Dryland Fitness
• 20 Minute Clicker Training
• 30 Minute Swimming Lesson (Requires Two Service Credits)

Early Dropoff? Late Pickup?

No problem! Our attentive hotel staff are on hand 24 hours a day to accommodate any drop off or pick up time you need and to make sure your dogs every need is met by our staff.

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