Six Doggie Health Tips - The Pawsh dog Salon
Six tips on promoting a happier, healthier year for your dog

Tip #1 Review Your Dog’s Food Intake
The New Year is the perfect time to evaluate what, when and how much your pet is eating. Guessing or eyeballing your pet’s daily intake can result in overfeeding and weight gain. Use a measuring cup and follow the directions on the bag to ensure that your pet is receiving the proper food portion at every meal.

Tip #2 Try a Puzzle Feeder
Not only is using a puzzle feeder an easy way to improve your pup’s life and encourages good behavior – it also increases mental stimulation and daily life enrichment.

Tip #3 Consider Your Pet’s Weight Loss
Take this opportunity to face the scale and make a weight loss plan. Obesity has detrimental effects on the overall health and life span of pets, including osteoarthritis, diabetes and dermatological problems affecting skin, hair and coat. At The Pawsh Dog our Acana brand name dog food helps with weight management. We also have slow feeders, which aids in slowing down an overeater.

Tip #4 Add an Extra Walk
Adding more walks to your exercise regimen is a sure way to engage with your dog. Care should be taken to use dog booties or certain paw care waxes to avoid extreme heat, cold, rock salt or foreign objects that can cause irritation or trauma to the paw. The Pawsh Dog offers high end quality paw care products, dog booties, jackets, sweaters, snoods and more to protect your pooch.

Tip #5 Socialize Your Dog at Dog Daycare
At Doggie Daycare – dogs play, romp, go for walks in the park, socialize, and receive some private training time.
Many dogs that attend The Pawsh Dog’s daycamp regularly gain confidence, learn proper social skills, reduce anxiety and boredom, improve housebreaking, decrease destructive behavior, improve manners and their fitness level.

Tip #6 Add Tooth Brushing to Your Dog’s Care Routine
Dental health is an important part of your dog’s wellbeing. It helps to prevent plaque and tartar build-up and prevents gingivitis and gum disease all at once. Ideally, you would have your dog’s teeth brushed at least twice a week either at home or elsewhere. The Pawsh Dog offers tooth brushing for only $5 more to add on to a groom or as a walk-in.