The Short Coat De-Shed and Shine

Our De-Shed and Shine for Short Coats focuses on maintaining skin and coat while seriously reducing shedding.

The De-Shed and Shine for Short Coat begins with our trademark maintenance services:

  • Deep cleansing shampoo
  • Moisturizing conditioner

  • Hand blow dry

  • Complete brush out

  • Perfect comb through

  • Dead coat removal to reduce shedding

  • Ear cleaning

  • Signature pawdicure

  • Pad clipping and moisturization

  • Sanitary clipper tidy

  • Cologne

  • Finishing touches

  • Wellness Check

  • Report card

A highly skilled stylist will use multiple specialized tools and techniques to detangle and remove dead coat during our unique deshedding process. Once this process is complete a luxurious coat gloss is applied to leave your dog’s coat healthy and gleaming. Light scissoring and tiding of the feet and pads can be completed at the owners request.

Tiny: $65
Small: $70

Medium: $85
Large: $100

Extra Large: $120
Giant: $145

Additional Grooming Services

Tooth Brushing $10
Blueberry Facial $10
Ear Plucking $10
Dematt Service $5 + $1.25 per km
Dematting Extra Time: $20 per 15 minutes
Special Handling Extra Time: $20 per 15 minutes
Hand Stripping Extra Time: $20 per 15 minutes
Tick Removal: $10+ $2 per additional tick
Skunk Extra Bath: $25
Flea or Lice Extra Bath: $25
Medicated Extra Bath: $25

Nail Polish:
Single Colour: $25
Fancy: $35

Ears or Tail: $25
Full Body: $50+ by quote
Fancy: $100+ by quote
Stencilling: $20

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