What sets The Pawsh Dog Salon apart is a combination of dedicated people and fine products.

Our Our people love dogs. Sounds simple but it’s an important component of what makes us so unique. In fact, loving dogs is not a request, but a requirement of employment here at The Pawsh Dog. Additionally, each and every employee signs a document called a “Pawsh Persona Agreement”. It’s a document that ensures that love and respect is presented to each and every dog that comes in to our care.

Our people have a lot of experience. The Pawsh Dog’s average groomer experience for our team member is eight years. We have lifelong employees. They want to work with us because we are passionate about the grooming industry and care about groomers. We provide premium payrate, a strong support team, continuous education opportunities, and provide high quality equipment and tools at no cost to our employees.

Our people care about our ingredients and fine products we use to groom. In all of our salons, we use only all-natural high-quality products intended for pets. 

Our people are empathetic and aware. We only allow gentle grooming – Mats are never painfully brushed and pets are never forced to undergo any grooming procedure that we find they are too stressed to handle. It’s for that same reason we at the Pawsh Dog — don’t create allotments or time quotas. If your pet is stressed it’s time for a break.

Our people provide a sanitary and safe environment for all of our guests. Cleanliness is a top priority. Our temperature controlled rooms are maintained with veterinary grade cleaning products. 

Our people follow a solid safety plan. Along with our two door safety rule, doors to all rooms have automatic closures installed to ensure there is always a safety barrier between the street and your pet.

Our people want to make your dog’s experience as comfortable as possible. Our cage driers use cool air only to keep your pet safe and comfortable.

At Pawsh Dog, we’re always transparent and willing to review any concerns you have regarding the treatment of your pet.

These are just a few reasons why The Pawsh Dog is the best choice to be your groomer. Call our communications team today to learn more or book an appointment today 289-272-6979